What is a Puka Dog?

A Puka Dog is an entirely Hawaiian-style hot dog. First, we toast a Puka (hole) in the center of our freshly-baked buns. Next, we add your choice of our garlic lemon secret sauce in mild, spicy, hot or lava along with a selection of one of six original tropical relishes: mango, pineapple, papaya, coconut, banana or starfruit. Finally, we top it off with a tasty local favorite: Aunty Lilikoi's passion fruit mustard. So take a bite, sit back, relax and savor the Puka Dog experience! 

anatomy of a Puka Dog

A truly Hawaiian-style hotdog experience that begins with a 100% natural freshly-baked bun called a “Puka” for the hole that's baked in from one side. A proprietary sausage or veggie dog is nestled in the warm toasty puka bun with a garlic lemon secret sauce, a tropical-fruit relish and Hawaii’s very own: Aunty Lilikoi mustard.  Are you hungry yet?

There are so many flavors tucked into a Puka Dog, it's literally a Hawaiian-flavor explosion made to order! 
Take a peek inside to learn what makes a Puka Dog so incredibly delicious! 


Fresh-squeezed Lemonade


Made with real lemons!

Real lemonade made fresh! Ice-cold lemonade that is hand squeezed, sweetened just right, and perfectly shaken before your very eyes. A local favorite that is made with love each and every time. It's the Aloha Way! 




our special sauces