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Aloha Puka Dog,
A buddy of mine got me a Puka Dog t-shirt about 4 years ago when he and his wife were in Kauai and he told me it was the BEST EVER hot dog he had ever ate.
My wife and I, along with our friends were just in Kauai this past week, August 11-17, and the very first place we went was to Puka Dog and OMG!!!! that was the best hot dog I could ever eat. We actually ate there several more times before we had to leave.
Would you PLEASE !! hurry and open one up in Southern California. It would go over real big here, I’m sure.

Wonderful dogs!
Good morning, we were recently in Kauai for Christmas. We spent time at Poipu beach and found by accident your Puka dog stand. I had seen a piece with Anthony Bourdain last year about your dogs, and bugged my family until they finally gave in and took me, as we left the beach. I can say for us all that it was the best dog we’ve ever had. Have you thought about a franchise? I live in snowy South Dakota, and I think a Puka dog is just the thing on a cold white winter day. Please let me know if you would consider opening a Puka dog stand here. Until then, I’ll just have to order the sauces on-line. We did take our pictures eating our dogs, and can’t wait to show my friends. I am a nurse and we tend to share the good things we find. You can bet I’ll be telling all my friends about your Puka, maybe I’ll even share the sauces I order. Thanks again!! Lorree Ridenou PS – Kauai is so beautiful. We had a wonderful vacation.

Thank you Puka Dog,
Okay, so I have it on good authority that when it comes to food I really am the second fussiest person on the planet. My friend, Jon is the fussiest. We both like our food plain and simple. But the truth be told, I hate being in second place. I don’t want to be the second fussiest eater on the planet. I want Jon’s title. I want to be the fussiest eater on earth! Yeah, now we’re talking bragging rights!

Okay, so with that being said, Jon, the fussiest eater on the planet earth, tells me I have to have a Puka Dog while I’m in Kauai. And because my friend is so fussy I figure the Puka Dogs have to have something going for them, but then when I saw the menu I got scared because there is no way I’m going to like any of those relishes and secret ingredients you put on your dogs! NO WAY! Face it, for a fussy Haole like me, your dog menu is frightening. Let me put it another way, what Deet is to mosquitoes, Puka Dog ingredients are to my appetite. Not only do your relishes and secret ingredients repulse me, I don’t think I’d even like the dog you serve…if it ain’t an all meat Ball Park Frank then I would rather starve first before I even consider eating it.
So there is no way I’m going to order a Puka Dog let alone eat one, but then my wife reminds me that my friend Jon, the fussiest eater on the planet, loves Puka Dogs. I can’t believe it. I mean, this guy is so fussy he’ll skip meals before he even considers trying anything new or different. The only way I believe Jon would eat a Puka Dog is if he were in a coma and they fed him through a tube! So, I text Jon, “Are you sure about Puka Dogs?” And he replies, “Man, I am so jealous. I love Puka Dogs.”

“Okay,” I tell myself, “If Jon likes these so much I can at least try a bite.” So to be safe, my wife orders one and I tell her I will agree to take one, small bite. On the one hand, I know I won’t like it, but on the other hand, I also know one bite probably won’t kill me and just in case it does, I’m fully insured, so my family’s okay! So, she orders a pineapple dog and I take a bite. At first I didn’t know what to expect let alone even understand what I was tasting and then I turned to my wife and all I could say was, “Wow!” That dog really was muy mas delicioso! I couldn’t believe it. I had to have another bite and another. Finally, my wife made me order my own. So I asked the cashier what kind was her favorite and she said something about mango and I said YES! And that second dog was even better than the first. Now I know why Jon loves Puka Dogs so much. It’s the best hot dog I have ever had! Thank you Puka Dog!

Now, the story doesn’t end there. What’s really funny is that my friend Jon, the fussiest eater on the planet, admittedly loves Puka Dogs, but it turns out he only orders them plain! Just a dog and a bun…Jon unintentionally tricked me into trying your delicious relish and secret sauce smothered hot dogs. And that’s just fine because I no longer wish to compete with Jon for the title of the world’s fussiest eater. Jon can have the title and I’ll have the Puka Dogs!

Mahalo! Doug Sparkes Renton, Washington

Hello Puka Dog,
A friend of mine loves your food so much that she wrote about you on her blog. I couldn’t help but laugh over this, and thought you would get a kick out of it as well.

Kelly Feiock

My Wife and I were on our honeymoon from London, England in December 2008.
We had flown 11 hours from London to Los Angeles and then 5 hours from Los Angeles to Lihue Airport.

We were staying at a hotel in town and were pretty much jet-lagged out for the first few days.Everyone we met kept recommending that an Island treat would be to try this world famous Puka Dog. So we did, and boy o boy, are the memories still lingering deep within.
The combination of the bun, the secret recipe and the polish sausage still reminds me of the heavenly Island of Kauai pure heaven to me.

The visit to the restaurant at the Poipu shopping village and to have met the founder of the Puka Dog restaurant with his extremely warm personality made our honeymoon truly memorable.

My wife and I are dreaming of a retirement in Kauai and when we come there, the Puka Dog is going to almost be like a regular Sunday treat.

Thank you so much for the experience!

Nwaji & Nneka Jibunoh London, England via Lagos, Nigeria: send Tue 6/16/2009

Aloha !
We just returned from a 2-week vacation to the Islands of Hawaii. Our first stop was Maui where we spent four days. Our next stop was Kauai and a 3-day stay. Our trip to Kauai was highlighted by a tour on Blue Hawaiian Helicopters. After our tour, the employees were asked where the best place to eat on the Kauai was and immediately said “Puka Dog”. I knew “puka” means “hole” in Hawaiian from my 1st visit 25 years earlier but had no clue what we were in for. This place is a “must” for anyone visiting the 50th state. My husband and I have the same question many others have already asked. . . do you have plans for franchising this wonderful product? We live in Arizona and this would be an extremely successful addition to our culinary mecca. Please consider this and contact us as we would consider it a wonderful priviledge to have the first PukaDog franchise in Arizona. If this is not a possibility, please consider mail order for your sauces and mustards. They won’t be the same without the buns and your customized polish sausages so franchising is the best way introduce them to the Mainland. So many people cannot afford to visit the Islands and this would be a small, extremely enjoyable way to expose the masses to your piece of Paradise. At any rate, thank you for the experience! We love to travel and have been to all 50 states. This was our 2nd visit to Hawaii. PukaDog will always be one of our most memorable stops!

Thanks again!
Dennis & Penelope Merrifield, Black Canyon City, Arizona

We were recently in Honolulu and were hoping to be able to find your Puka Dog location there after seeing you on the Travel Channel. The first thing we did after settling into our place was to hunt it down. Much to our delight, it was right across the street from our place. We took full advantage of its location eating there seven time in the eight nights we stayed there and the food was much better than we hoped it would be. Hawaii to us has so many wonderful things to remember but Puka Dog will always comes to mind when it comes to eating on our trip. Not only was the food great but JoAnn was the biggest delight to meet. I hope you know what a wonderful person you have running your store on Ohau. Even when we weren’t eating there, we could not walk by without saying hello and being greeted from her by name with her wonderful smile. The rest of her workers all hold the same wonderful service and attitude she does. Not a time goes by that someone asks us about Hawaii and we go on and on about Puka Dog. I love to travel and most of all I love to eat. Puka Dog was one of the best eating experiences I’ve ever had on a vacation because of your food and employees. THANK YOU! Craig “Chicky” Labrec

Hello Puka Dog creators, Five years ago my new boyfriend and I went to Kauai for a vacation. We happened to stumble upon your restaurant while shopping so we said what the heck, let’s have a hot dog. What we ate was anything but a plain old hot dog! We fell in love with the Puka Dog and have talked about it ever since. Next week (March 21st) we are heading to Oahu. After checking into our hotel, the Puka Dog is the FIRSTplace we plan to visit. My 11-year son will be with us this time and we can not wait! I’m guessing we will be visiting more than once this time! Thank you for not just a wonderful product, but a lifetime memory. Renee & Jason Bates

Still The Best
We ate at your original stand near Waimea Canyon 7 years ago. It was one of the best things we’d ever eaten and we’ve dreamed about Puka Dogs for years. We went back to the Kauai a few weeks ago with my mother in-law. We’d been talking about Puka Dogs non-stop for days, and as a foodie, she was skeptical. We finally got here there after Snubaing one day and she loved it. I was a little worried that with your location in a fancy mall you might be getting touristy, or like a chain, but it was still as good as I remembered. My only regret is that we can’t get them here on the Mainland. They’d do incredibly well in Seattle.
Jeff Guthertz, Seattle

Love your “Dogs !!
Several weeks ago I had the pleaser of eating at you restaurant and like all the other people in the world that has stopped by I have returned home and the only thing that I can talk about is your hot dogs and all the fantastic relishes.
My question is one that I know that has been asked several thousand times, and that is will you ship the relishes to the states? I think at this point I will pay most any amount. I know that I am going through withdrawals and if I don’t have another Puka Dog I will have to be committed.
Please help ……….Bob Williams

We just got home from a 8 day trip to Hawaii, 3 days on Oahu and 5 days on Kauai. My husband and I had seen the travel channel special, but didn’t remember it until a representative from our resort said having a Puka Dog was a must. Well, my husband, 8 year old son (who will eat anything), 4 year old daughter (who is extremely finicky) and I loved your puka dogs. They were so good. The secret sauce was an amazing addition. When it comes to hot dogs, all the four of us want is MOREPuka dogs!!!!! Have you ever thought of franchising or doing mail order? If you ever do, we would love to know. To quote my daughter, “If we could find a Puka dog in California, that would be great.” Thanks
Tami, Jason, Anthony and Tanya Best / CA

Best Dogs Ever!!
I wanted to say that your Puka Dogs are the best hot dogs that I have ever had in my entire life. We just got back from a visit to Kauai and I’m so happy that someone suggested that we try a puka dog they were right when they said that they are the best. I had the pineapple relish with the hot lemon secret sauce and it was absolutely the best taste ever. I was wondering if there was any way you could ship some of that pineapple relish to the main lands for me? I am willing to pay what ever the cost but I sure would love to have some it would be possible. Thanks so much for you help and keep on making those wonderful puka dogs.
Brenda Graham, Midland Tx

To the Purveyors of the Finest Dog in the Universe!
Please, please, please! You must come to the Mainland and open more Puka Dog Huts! Any such plans in the works? Will you soon make my friends and I very happy? Not that we don’t love to visit Paradise, but…Anyway, compliments to the most tasty dogs. Hope to see you across the Pacific (east, that is!) soon!
Devoted Puka Fan in Phoenix

Folks, we saw you on the Travel Channel a while back and it always sounded interesting, but I never figured we’d get out to see you guys.
Sure enough, my wife had the pleasure of having a conference on the lovely island of Kauai and we searched you out and fell in love.We stopped in 6 times during out 10 day visit and loved it every time.
The dogs were fabulous and the toppings… too many choices and
combinations to try in just one week, but the garlic sauce and the
lilikoi mustard were a must have for whatever relish we decided on. Mahalo for adding more joy to our vacation!
Paddy Harrington, Boston, MA
• We heard nothing but you got to try a Puka Dog over and over. So, our first meal when we landed in Kauai was of course a Puka Dog. Sadly, our time in beautiful Kauai was so short we only had time for one dog. This left us with a longing for nothing else but the taste of PUKA DOG! Nothing can replace the romance of eating the first Puka Dog while visiting Kauai, for the first time. However, eating one whenever the mood strikes….no words for that. Thanks for being part of our unforgettable Kauai experience!
Laney Smith Port Hueneme /CA
• I’m an attorney in New York City and my wife and I just returned from a trip to Hawaii. We ate at some of the top restaurants on 3 different islands, but our lunch at Puka Dog was our favorite meal of the trip! We want other New Yorkers to experience the joy of the Puka Dog. It is a quick, easy snack and would be perfect in New York’s theater district, Times Square. Please keep us posted! Thank you! Doug Youngman/ New York
• My husband and I live in Audubon, Pennsylvania, USAand we can’t get out to your place to get a puka dog but we were hoping that you sold them online. Is this something you do, or must we suffer in silence until we can shell out the 5K+ to go on vacation and sample your famous dogs? Sarah Sotingco / Pennsylvania
• My husband and I traveled to Kauai for over 21 years every March before he passed away last year. We were always on the lookout for a GREAThot dog. Well Puka is it. When I traveled to Kauai this past year it was one of the places I introduced to my son and his fiance. I can’t wait to come back in 2007 for some more – more than one! Wish I didn’t have to wait till then.

Gail Geller, Carson City, Nevada
*We were in Kauai for the first time this last September and we ate Puka Dog 5 times in the 10 days we were there. The important question is, can I order Puka Dogs for home consumption from you directly!!! WE NEED THEM MORE THAN OUR LOUIS VUITTON LUGGAGE!! We would even trade you one of our three beagles!! NOT, we just want to BUY YOUR DOGS!!! Any possibility? Sincerly, NEED IT!!
Ryan & Travis, Granite Bay, CA

*Hello, I visited Hawaii back in August of this year and had the pleasure of tasting a Puka Dog at the Poipu Shopping Village in Kauai. My wife and I savored every bite with sounds
of “Mmmm”, “Awesome”, “ and oh my God this
good”. You truly have created a great tasting dog! Can’t wait to see you franchised in New York. John Stowers III, Rockville Centre, NY

*What can I say? The braddah behind the counter was right. My Polish sausage with Spicy Jalapeno and Pineapple relish topped with yellow dijon Lilikoi was “SOOO ONO!”
Now if they would only open a location in Easton, PA, I’d be in heaven!

*My Dear Puka Dog Friends!, Ever since my return from your incredible eating establishment, I’ve informed EVERYONEthat when they travel to Kauai they MUST (no hesitation, no second guessing) eat at least one Puka Dog! Well, one of my students, Daniel Kovach, and his family at their 5 times in their 6 night stay! Nothing less than RAVEreviews from them! Next, my Aunt, Uncle and cousin went just weeks ago. They can’t stop the comments about your incredible product! “Just franchise and market!” said all of them! I can’t wait for that to come true!The Puka Dog is such a great idea, is sooooo tasty, and so very genuine! Can’t wait till I visit again!…
David Byrd,Scottsdale, AZ.

*Our family visited Kauai last year over the 4th of July week and we had Puka Dogs twice!!! It was the best dog I have ever had and I wish there were more of you available especially on the mainland. When we return to Kauai, we will be sure to get our Puka Dog fix.
Robin from Glendale, Arizona.

• I was reading your website and saw the email address and wanted to tell you how wonderful your Puka Dogs are. My wife and I met when we were stationed on Oahu and we try to visit every year, Kauai being our favorite island. Poipu our favorite place. Last year we had visited Puka Dog for the first time and came back almost daily. We will be back on July 12 and are already making plans to visit. My parents are coming this time and they are looking forward to trying a Puka Dog. You have a wonderful product and your team who work at Poipu are always friendly. We look forward to our trip in July.
Duane and Susan Swizer, Oregan.

*When ever I have had a food craving it has always been within a 5 minute drive of the nearest store. But with the ever increasing craving for your amazing hole dog that my mind and taste buds have created I find that I can’t drive there and pick one up. So I come before you humbled and broken by a food craving that I cannot extinguish with a business proposition. You probably have had numerous requests for franchise opportunities, I am sure that none have been this creative in asking about the opportunity. My family tries to duplicate the sweet and spicy combination of your Jalapeno garlic sauce combined with the pineapple relish, but I will not partake in such a dismal attempt at creating an original puka dog. If it is possible, I will beg and plead until I recieve this information, I would like to know more about your business and the opportunity of a franchise investment. A Satisfied Yet Craving Customer.
Joseph W. Kiebert Boise, Idaho

*Hey Guys- My family and I were in Kauai last year and knew we wanted to stop at Puka Dog to give it a try after seeing it on the Travel Channel. We ate at many different places while on the island and the one place to eat that still gets talked about is Puka Dog. They were awsome!! You even got a mention in our Christmas family newsletter that we send out with our cards. We’ll still be craving something to eat and say “I could sure go for a Puka Dog and a lemonade right now”. Anyways, just wanted to drop you a line and say how much we enjoyed your place. Looking forward to the next time we can have a Puka Dog.
Eric Cose and family – Stockton, CA.

*We have been coming to Kauai for three years now and while I was in the beautiful state this past February I had the opportunity to meet Rick at the photo shop where he had some pictures taken for advertisement…very nice man. While we conversed he told me about his place and said I had to try a Puka Dog…Well, it took most of my vacation days to make it to his shop but on the last day of my visit my husband, son, and I went to his shop and were greeted very pleasantly by a young gentleman that described all the flavors and techniques of the Puka Dog so we ordered our dogs (BEST DOG ON THE PLANET) and Lemonades (BEST LEMONADE I HAVE EVER HAD) and were treated to the BESTlunch on the island!!!!!! I have never had such wonderful tastes combined together and THOROUGHLYenjoyed every minute we spent at your Poipu place…I have to say Thanks to Rick for expressing his enthusiasm about a Puka Dog and insisting that I try one…We are very glad we did and next year when we come for our fourth visit you will bet that we will be stopping more than once at Puka Dogs for lunch…Many thanks again and to his staff also. Brenda Miles Proctor, Vermont.

Just wanted to say that we stopped by Puka Dog several times last summer while vacationing on Kauai. It was a very pleasant experience and Joanne was such a pleasant hostess. We have been craving a puka dog (coconut is my favorite) and we have to settle for less while we are here at home in Louisiana. I guess we’ll just have to travel back to Kauai soon. Great product! Keep up the outstanding work and keep serving those great Puka Dogs! Sincerely, Wayne

• Aloha,
I am a graduate student at Ohio University. For the past three years I have been traveling to Kauai, Oahu, and Molokai for my Ph.D dissertation. I spend most of my time up in the high-elevation cloud forests. However, during my first trip I discovered Puka Dog and was hooked for life. I bring my colleagues and
assistants by for lunch during each of my research visits and everyone always has a great time. My research will be complete in one year, and I’ll only have one more shot at a Puka Dog.
Mucho Mahalos, Chris Havran

We just finished a 5 day vacation in Kauai. We are from southern California. We were at the center making reservations for dinner at Keokis. My wife went to window shop and as usual I wondered around the center. I saw a long line outside some store so I went there to check it out. I was very intrigued and since I was hungry, I decided to go for it. I went and got my wife and let her take a look. We both figured all those people were there for a reason. We waited in line and when we got to the front we were greeted by a young very energetic guy. He made suggestions and we tried one of each plus a lemonade. I must say I have never ever had such a great hot dog. We liked it so much that we ate there two more times. I told all my friends about it back home and they were jealous.If you ever decide to franchise your idea , I would love to talk to you about California. I run 3 companies right now in a different field . I think your formula has legs. You may already have started this process. If so I wish you the best of luck. Please let me know when we could see one in our area so I can take my kids there.
Thank you for creating the best hot dog I ever had. Vic Preisler

• Hi-
We were in kauai in Febrruary and 3 of our friends recommended that we just ahd to have the puka dog with mango relish and boy were they right! In fact, we also tried your papaya and pineapple relishes, but the mango was defintitely our favorite! In fact, a couple of weeks ago, our other friends went and I tried to make my friend ship some puka dogs to me overnight, but she chickened out! Is there any way you guys would ship some puka dogs for those of us who are having puka dog withdrawal!?!?? Thanks! Christine

*Just a quick note…….
My wife, Patti, and I fell in love with Puka Dog during our 2 week December 2004 visit to Kauai…..
Early in our stay we were looking for Roy’s and instead found Puka Dog….we consider it one of our best days ever!! Since then we’ve sent every person we know that is heading to Kauai to see you……Sadly…..my life is such that I even dreamed about Puka Dog last night…..
Anyway…..here is my question….we’ve recently moved to Central Oregon….Bend area….and wondered if you have given any thought to Franchising outside of the Islands?
Again, thanks for creating one of the great treats life has to offer……I mean that….for goodness sake I don’t dream about McDonalds…..
Sincerely, David & Patti Monaghan

*Upcoming visit
I found your business card while clearing out my desk & we had our first Puka Dog when you were in Waimea. We visited in January 2006 and of course had to get our Puka Dog fix! We are coming to Kauai in October with our 18 month old grandson and look forward to seeing him eat his First Puka Dog!
We are happy to see things are going well for you. See you in October!
Sincerely, Kay and Dale Munz

• Hi,
My name is Kate Floyd and while my husband and I were honeymooning in Kauai this past October, we happened upon Puka Dog. It has really become one of our fondest Hawaiian memories.
Regards, Kate Floyd Chicago.

We LOVE PUKA DOG! I believe my wife and I ate there at least once a day during our last trip to Kauai. We are now taking our 19 month old to Kauai. My son will hopefully remember the taste. He was in utero at his last taste.
Cheers (or is it Mahalo?),Steve.

Dear Puka Dog,
I saw a special on the Discovery Channel about the 10 best hot dogs in the United States. We were planning a two week trip to Hawaii and I told my husband I wanted a Puka Dog!! We made a special effort to go to Poipu so we could have a Puka Dog. I told the lady at the counter about our special effort then I proceeded to order. She asked what I wanted on my dog and I said catsup and mustard!!! She was very nice and said you came all of this way and you want catsup and mustard? Why don’t you try something Hawaiian! She suggested a mango hot mustard and something pineapple. To make a long story short – that was the BEST hot dog I have ever had in my life. The bread was wonderful, the condiments EXCELLENT and the over all experience was wonderful.

The girls behind the counter were so gracious and let me take their pictures for my album.
Thank you Puka Dog for the high light of my trip. I bought a Puka Dog shirt and will advertise and tell everyone. Maybe someday you will bring your Puka Dogs to Charlotte, North Carolina. If you ever do that you will make this Grandma exceptionally happy!!! I wish you the best of luck with your business. Sincerely,
Judie Newnam
Charlotte, , North Carolina,

• Aloha
We visited Puka Dog April 7. Thought you would like to see some happy customers. We appreciated the friendly wait staff. Hope to see Puka Dog locally someday. Great Product !!!!!
John Newnam (Hot Dog Connoisseur) Charlotte, NC,

I have to tell you that recently I was on a cruise with some friends and the only goal on Kauai (our favorite island) was to have a Puka Dog! With only 6 hours on the island, we disembarked from the ship, rented a car —which took 2 hours..then we drove to Puka Dog — and ATE…boy did we eat!
I have never had such a fantastic hot dog in my life! And the lemonade topped it off! Now we have decided that we must come back for more Puka Dogs!
Thanks again for a great meal! Puka Dogs ForEver!
Jan Jones, Scottsdale, AZ

First of all I need to thank you for the best dog on the planet!
We latched onto Puka Dog while at the Pajo family reunion in 2005 at Poipu.
I am constantly stopped by people who have seen your product on the Travel Channel while wearing my worn out Puka Dog T- shirt.
I simply tell them it is well worth the eleven hour flight.
Mahalo, John Woodward-

• Aloha.
I am from Tallahasee, FL. When I was in Kauai for my niece’s wedding, I had a Puka Dog. Out of this world. Couldn’t wait until the next day so I could have another one. No doubt the best dog I have eaten. I bought a Puka Dog shirt. Have you ever thought about selling your merchandise online. I would like to get more “stuff”.-

*Good afternoon!
Hey from Boston. A little over a week ago, my husband and I returned home from our 2 week honeymoon in Hawaii. I can not stop thinking about Puka Dogs! I am craving one so badly. My favorite was the polish, mild, mango – unlike anything I’ve ever tasted in my life. We ate there quite a few times, very convenient since we were staying at the Sheraton, right near the Poipu Shopping Village – but we would’ve gladly driven an hour for these delicious dogs. Whenever people ask about the honeymoon,
I tell them about Puka Dogs. People are surprised – “A hot dog made that much of an impression on you?”
My question is – will you ever start shipping the dogs – or at least the sauces? I’m sure that thousands of tourists would be thrilled to be able to buy your sauces so they can try to make their own Puka Dogs at home -I’m sure I’m not the only one that may never make it back to Hawaii.
I don’t know if I’ll be able to return to Hawaii again, and thinking
that I’d have to live the rest of my life without ever having another Puka Dog is very depressing. Julie –

I had travelled to Hawaii this past summer and went to eat a puka dog for the first time and I absolutely LOVEit! I was wondering if you guys are going to expand outside of Hawaii. I am currently located in Las Vegas. Is there any way you can send me some puka dogs through express mail? I absolutely adore it! There is definitely nothing like it! Karine

Good Morning,
I can’t wait to have a Puka Dog!! Loved seeing you on the Travel Channel. On my next visit to Kauai, I will definitely stop by.Best of continued luck!
Mary Callahan (Waltham, Massachusetts!!)

Hello Puka Dog
We were in Kauai once again at the beginning of june this year. we’ve been to the island a few times but the last time was several years ago…before puka dog. so when we were on the island this time around and heard about these unbelievable dogs, we just had to try them. let me tell you, we were not disappointed. just like everyone else, we went several times during our short 5 day trip. and every time we went, not only did we enjoy our puka dogs, but joann made the experience so much more memorable. when we return to the island, which will hopefully be very soon, we will definitely be back to have those delicious dogs and to visit our new friend, joann. thanks joann!!! jay and belle san francisco, ca

Just want to say that Puka Dog is the best ever! I’ve never had a hotdog in a bun like that before and to be honest i long for more. Unfortunately, we were just in Kauai for a week (Aug 2007) and we only had a chance to eat a Puka Dog for one day. We heard about you guys from our tour guide from Kauai Outfitters. We had a bike tour with them and they told us to try the Hawaiian style hotdog once our tour was done. Sure enough, my family and I took their advice and we weren’t sorry at all. Now when we go back to Kauai or even Honolulu, we will stop by and eat a Puka Dog as many as we can. Good work on your conoction…yummmmm!!!
Mae California: Send August 2007

Aloha Puka Dog.
My boyfriend and I just traveled to Oahu and stumbled across Puka Dog while looking for something quick and easy to eat on our way home from the beach. We were hesitant at first to try such a different sounding hot dog, but after such praise from a customer inside decided to give them a try! They were INCREDIBLE!! By far the best hot dogs we have ever tasted!! In our 6 day stay there, we tried 4 different combinations and all of them were amazing!! We even took a few home to eat on the plane ride home!! I’m sure they looked pretty funny going thru the security cameras!! Keep it up and we both look forward to eating more Puka Dogs next time we are in Hawaii!!
Jennie Durkin & Ryan Custodio, Pleasanton, CA

My husband and I were on vacation in Kauai last week and stumbled upon Puka Dog when window shopping in Poipu. What a fantastic hot dog. It was one of the big highlights of our trip! I grew up in New Orleans and have had a lot of good food, but nothing can compare with the wonderful flavors of the sauces in this hot dog. We left the day after we ate our Puka Dogs, or we would have been back for more! Thanks for a great hot dog!
Janice Szumowski

After taking a helicopter tour with Will Squares tours we were told
about your Puka Dogs. Since we were staying at the nearby Sheraton we asked our van driver to let us off at the shopping center. About 8 of us stood in line until you opened and we were not disappointed. The menu sounds a little bit funky but the dogs were delicious. Everyone had them a different way and everyone raved about them. Why did such a wonderful idea take so long to figure out. We will be sure to tell anyone going to Kauai that they must try one or more Puka dogs.
Larry Heintz Oswego, NY

Yum yum!
We had heard about Puka Dogs on the Travel Channel. So, when we visited our family on Kauaii, we told them about them and we immediately headed to Poipu to try our first Puka Dog. Fantastic!…and your lemonade is the absolute BEST! So, all we need to know now is how do we order our Puka Dog t-shirts???
Gary and Pat

Oh My Gosh!
I love what you do & I have just got to have you over here on the mainland or else you have got to send me some, pleaze bradda.
You were the best dog I ever had, I live in Seal Beach, CA & I know you would be a hit here!
love you, and if you wont come over how can I have you send me some?
Thanks,Tamy :) Tammy

Hi there,
My boyfriend and I discovered puka dog shortly after we moved to Hawaii in July and have frequented ever since. So when my family came to visit our first stop was puka dog, they also went crazy for the taste. We were taking pictures out front with our ‘dogs’ and Joane said we should email them to you guys, so here they are! ! ! Thank you for these yummy treats!