Poipu Shopping Village
2360 Kiahuna Plantation Dr.
KOLOA, HI 96756
Phone: 808-742-6044
10 AM – 8 PM

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Questions & Answers

Q: Are Puka Dogs Trademarked?
A: Yes, Puka Dog is trademarked in all 50 States.

Q: Are there any official Puka Dog representatives on the Mainland?
A: Puka Dog is not represented by any group or individual on the Mainland. If you see Puka Dog’s name in any store or menu, please let us know.

Q: Why is the bread so large?
A: A Puka Dog bun fully encloses the sausage and incredible sauces and relishes, unlike a regular bun which is served open-faced. In addition, because the Puka Dog bun fully enclosed all the ingredients, it can be eaten vertically on the go.

Q: What do I do if I realize that I don’t like the choice I made?
A: Return your Puka Dog immediately and a new one will be made for you. If you are unsure of what you want to order, please ask for taster spoon samples while ordering. Puka Dog wants all customers to be totally pleased with their selection.

Q: What did you do to be on the Travel Channel?
A: Made an amazing Puka Dog for the producer’s daughter.

Q: Do you also sell your signature bread?
A: Yes. Please call in advance for large quantity orders.

Q: Do you have milk or eggs in your bread?
A: No

Q: Do you sell your equipment?
A: Yes.

Q: Where can I find a Puka Dog?
A: Puka Dog is located on Kauai’s south shore in Poipu Shopping Village at 2630 Kiahuna Plantation Dr., Koloa, HI 96756

Q: What is your polish sausage made of?
A: Our polish sausage is made of chicken, pork, and beef.”

Q: What is your veggie dog made of?
A: They are made with non-GMO soy and wheat.

Q: Do you have gluten in any of your products?
A: Yes, only our bread and veggie dogs contain gluten.

Q: Do any of your products contain dairy products in them?
A: Yes, the secret sauce contains dairy products; however, the fruit relishes and lilikoi mustard contain no dairy products.

Q: Do you use corn syrup in any of your products?
A: No